Supporting countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future

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IRENA Membership Growth


With 160 Members, IRENA plays a leading role in the energy transformation as a centre of excellence for knowledge and innovation, a global voice for renewables, a network hub and a source of advice and support for countries.

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IRENA Council meeting


IRENA’s Council meets to facilitate consultation and cooperation amongst Members. The seventeenth meeting of the Council will take place on 25 and 26 June 2019 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


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Recent Publications

Insights on Renewables

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The decade-long trend of strong growth in renewable energy capacity continued in 2018 with global additions of 171 gigawatts (GW). The annual increase of 7.9% was bolstered by new additions from solar and wind energy, which accounted for 84% of the growth. Globally, total renewable energy generation capacity reached 2,351 GW at the end of last year – around a third of total installed electricity capacity. Oceania witnessed the fastest growth with a 17.7% rise in 2018. Asia was second with a 11.4% rise followed by Africa with 8.4% growth. Nearly two-thirds of all new power generation capacity added in 2018 was from renewables, led by emerging and developing economies.
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Renewable Energy Sources

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